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- Hi-Resolution 5" Monitor with 4K HDMI input and active loop out.

- 1920x1080 (441ppi) 8-bit Hi Resolution LCD Screen;

- Wide Color Space Gamut, High Contrast (1000:1), Wide Viewing

  Angle (170/170);

- Wide variety of built-in functions like Histogram, 2ch Audio Bargraphs,

   Zebra, Zoom, Safety Zones e.t.c

- Monitor Hood, ¼” Hot Shoe Monitor Mount, HDMI Cable

   are included;

- Dual battery plate on the back of the monitor will accept Sony–L

   and Canon LP-E6 Batteries;

- Has built in power converter will work on 7-24V power supplies:

- 360 Degree Swivel Mechanism to fit DJI Ronin-S is included;

- Set Screws with Nylon tips will allow swivel friction adjustments.

5" Monitor for DJI Ronin-S with 360 degree Swivel Mechanism

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