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Universal DJI Ronin-M/MX Armpost Adaptor for Glidecam, Tiffen

$399.00 Regular Price
$139.95Sale Price
  • - Precision Machined Heavy Steadycam Armpost

       Adaptor with quick release mounting system for

       DJI Ronin-M/MX Stabilizers (25mm bar);

    - Will fit any stabilizing systems with 7/8”, 3/4”,

       19mm, 5/8", 16mm, 15mm,  1/2’, 12mm

        Arm Posts;

    - Will work with many Stabilizers including:

       Tiffen/Steadycam G40, G50, G60 G70,

       Scout, Zephyr;  Glidecam X-10, X-20, X-30,
       X-45, Gold; GPI Pro Atlas, Titan; ActionCam

    - Quick Release Mechanism will release DJI

       Ronin-M/MX Stabilizer in seconds;

    - Will fit DJI Ronin-M/MX dovetail adaptor;

    - Lightweight - only 4.8 oz;

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