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High Capacity 42,000 mAh Power Bank With 100 Watts 110V Inverter

$299.00 Regular Price
$239.95Sale Price
  • - High Capacity - 42.000mAh  Power Bank

       with bulit-in 110V AC Inverter;

    - Outputs:

          AC-110V/60hz, (100W / 150W MAX)

          USB-A(1): 5V=2.1A

          USB-A(2): 5V=2.1A

          USB-A(3) -QC3: 5V-9V=2.2A

          USB-C(PD)  5V- 9V=3A

          9-12VDC 10A (15A MAX) Barrel Jack

    - Charging Input: 15-22VDC, 2A Barrel Jack;

    - Built-in 4W bright LED light With SOS/ Blink mode;

    - 110V charging power supply (15V) is included;

    -  Car Charger and Cigarette Lighter Adapter

       are included;

    - Weight: 3.5 LB (1.6 Kg)

    - Dimentions: 7.5"x7.25"x3.5"

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